Reconnecting NatureTM: The Latest In-Vitro Results

Developed by two Finnish universities, Reconnecting NatureTM from Uute Scientific Oy is a pioneering, world-first product that connects beauty and immunity together. Its patented technology aims to address the lack of microbial diversity that is seen more prominently now than ever by reintroducing beneficial and hugely diverse microbes back into our lives.Continue reading

CosmoSurf® from SurfaTech

SurfaTech is committed to protecting our oceans, using their patented molecular technology to create ingredients that are plastic free, coral reef safe and biodegradable. Their CosmoSurf® range is a great example of this; it includes natural based, environmentally-friendly film forming polymers and dispersants which have long-lasting water-resistant properties yet enhanced skin feel, and are designed to meet consumers’ demands for products that are cleaner, greener and more biodegradable.Continue reading

Hose Free Car Wash Formulations

‘Hose  Free’ car wash formulations are now very high in demand in the car cleaning industry as both companies and consumers become more and more conscious of environmental change and reducing their water consumption wherever possible. Water shortages and hosepipe bans have been in place for the majority of the summer and they’re predicted not to let up any time soon – as we saw the driest July in nearly 90 years and with many parts of the UK given a drought status.Continue reading

The Personal Care for Menopause Trend

Collagen plays an important role in keeping our skin strong, firm and hydrated, yet women begin to produce less collagen very quickly during menopause – around 30% is lost in the first five years and a further 2% every year after that. As our collagen levels reduce, skin becomes dry and less firm, blemishes take longer to heal, wrinkles and jowls appear and our hair gets thinner. We may also find our skin can become sensitive or unpredictable. Continue reading