Recently, the beads often used in personal care washes and skin cleaners have been banned from use in the USA, with a manufacturing ban due to take effect in the Spring of 2017. These beads are generally based on Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP), both of which are not readily biodegradable and have demonstrated bioaccumulation in marine environments.

microbeads and microplastics

We can provide a range of natural alternatives from our principals:

Mechanical Peel

Starpheres from KPT

Chemlink now represent Georges Walther AG in the UK, who in turn represents ‘Korea Particle Technology (KPT)’. KPT offer the Starphere range of exfoliants, which are fully biodegradable and can provide a unique visual effect in your formulation.

Starspheres can be customised , offering a bespoke product to fit your needs for colour, shape, size, cleansing options, peeling effect, and active loading (e.g., Vitamin E Acetate). Some grades of Starspheres go soft in aqueous solutions(they do not swell), which can allow an active to be absorbed into the skin. These  can be combined with a hard scrub agent  so that you have an outer soft layer capable of delivering an active.. with hard scrub particle  for exfoliation. Additionally, KPT offer activated charcoal in a scrub form, which provides odour absorption and stain removal because of its strong absorption power.

Seeds from Bertin

Bertin, who carefully and strictly source only the finest raw materials, offer seeds from the Blue Poppy (Papaver somniferum) and the Sisymbrium plant (Sisymbrium irio) as scrubs. These seeds are never derived from exploited, depleted, or protected stocks.

Bertin seeds are additive free, and can provide a visual effect in formulation owing to the blue colouration of the Poppy and the brown of the Sisymbrium.

Chemical Peel

Verochic (Shikimic Acid)

Sinerga offer a pure product derived from Star Anise (Illucium Verum) that contains fewer irritants than Glycolic Acid. Verochic provides a deodorising effect and can help combat acne, making it ideal for facial cleansers. It is also preservative free and COSMOS approved.

The wide and unique range of products described above can replace your current microbeads, and our team can work with you to ensure that your transition to Polyethylene- and Polypropylene –free microbeads is as smooth as possible.

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