Since their inception, Sinerga have placed a great deal of importance on offering green ingredients that respect the skin and the environment in equal measures. Their range of emulsifiers are created sustainably and responsibly, putting the needs of both the formulator and the market front and centre.

Why Choose Sinerga’s Emulsifiers?

Sinerga’s emulsifiers are of 100% vegetable origin and are obtained from renewable resources that reduce environmental impact with some carrying COSMOS approvals. With natural formulations becoming increasingly favoured by marketers, formulators, and the public, Sinerga’s emulsifiers are an eco-friendly way for companies to establish their presence in an eco-conscious world.

However, although green ingredients are becoming increasingly popular amongst formulators due to shifting consumer trends, this consideration is not the only reason to choose Sinerga’s emulsifiers.

Sinerga’s emulsifiers are also designed to be highly skin compatible, due to the level of adhesion offered by the emulsifiers’ liquid crystal network. This crystal network is set to offer a significant step forward for compatible skincare products as it looks to improve the efficacy of formulations.

Free from petrolatum, paraffins, parabens, ethoxylated alcohols, acrylamides, sulphates, and silicone derivatives, Sinerga emulsifiers are suitable for all skin types.

A Closer Look


Featuring a combination of lipoamino acids, polyglycerides, and fatty acid esters, Nanocream® creates translucid micellar emulsions with fine particles that measure a mere 100 to 300nm. As Nanocream® forms stable systems with a low interfacial tension, it doesn’t result in flocculation, sedimentation or coalescence when used.

As Nanocream® does not require stirring, its time process is extremely short, creating a homogenous emulsion as a product. Having both a vegetable origin and safe profile, this emulsifier is an excellent carrier for active ingredients.

With a structure that increases absorbency without a white effect, this non-greasy, light formulation is perfect for sprayable emulsions, hyperfluid emulsions, and wet wipe products.


A vegetable-derived emulsifier that is based on natural origin components, SENSOCREAM® is an anionic/non-ionic product that is ideal for obtaining translucid emulsions with the Tyndall effect. Taking advantage of the sunflower oil antioxidant and its associated soothing properties, it is an excellent dispersant for pigments in makeup products.

SENSOCREAM® is a versatile emulsifier that’s able to form micro-emulsions with a high stability and low interfacial tension without sedimentation or flocculation, which makes it ideal for serum gels and emulsion gels.


Hitecream®3000 is a vegetable origin emulsifier that is composed of a well-balanced blend of natural origin lipids and lipoproteins. Forming a protective layer that improves the skin’s hydration levels, it’s an extremely adhesive, spreadable, and stable emulsifier for use across fluid emulsion, milk, and lotion applications. This emulsifier also allows for a multilamellar structure which further improves the stability of the formulation. This results in a soothing and refreshing application experience.

Prolix RB®

A non-ionic emulsifier that is derived from 100% renewable sources, Prolix RB® is highly respectful of both the skin and the wider environment. An emulsifier which works in harmony with nature, this non-ionic polyglycerol is derived from rice bran oil fatty acids that are obtained using the M.O.R.E technique. Aiming to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing processes, Prolix RB® is a perfectly stable emulsion that is highly nourishing to the skin.

Free of palm oil, co-emulsifiers and fully compliant with COSMOS standards, Prolix RB® is a formulator’s dream for day-creams, long lasting moisturisers and 100% green formulations.


An emulsifier that is 100% from vegetable sources, Supreme® strikes the perfect balance between high emulsifying properties and an excellent skin feel.

Obtained through the combination of polyglycerol derivatives of the fatty acids from rice bran oil, cetearyl alcohol and a sugar derivative, this emulsifier forms a light and soft product that is velvety to the touch.

A well-balanced emulsifier that offers excellent stability alongside high physical and chemical sun filter compatibility, this should be the first choice for those formulating soft creams, city filters and sun-care creams.


An ethoxylate free non-ionic/anionic O/W emulsifier that features restorative and nutrient properties within a liquid crystal network, Phytocream®2000 is extremely easy to handle and formulate. Reducing dryness and possessing restorative and nourishing properties, Phytocream®2000 is perfect for night creams, rich emulsions, masks, and balms. Leaving skin nourished and moisturised, this smooth emulsion is incredibly stable.


Obtained by the trans-esterification of glycerol and sorbitol with fatty acids derived from Linseed Oil, this organic water in oil emulsifier is both sustainable and energy saving. Forming a polymeric structure that can easily gel with water, this formulation is particularly stable, and is therefore suitable for both cold and hot emulsification processes.

In addition to this, EWOcream® has excellent emollient properties, and is therefore ideal for sensitive and delicate skin types. Offering extremely deep hydration, EWOcream® is the perfect emulsifier for hyper-nourishing creams, skin barrier creams and organic creams.

How Do They Work?

The emulsifiers listed above all rely upon the LI.AMI.ACI and M.O.R.E techniques.


Based on the creation of lipoamino acids, this technique takes plant-origin molecules that are characterised by high skin similarity to the skin layer’s structure. This process enhances dermoaffinity, and therefore improves the delivery of actives.

Due to the use of this process, Sinerga’s emulsifiers are highly stable, easy to formulate, easy to handle, and result in greater skin compatibility when compared to its competitors.

M.O.R.E Technique (Microwave Oven Reaction Enhancement)

A technique that is characterised by a low environmental impact, the M.O.R.E Technique is based on microwave irradiations that allow chemical reactions to occur in less time than under conventional processes. The irradiation by the microwave oven is directed to the relevant material with high vibrational, rotational and speed capacity. The kinetic effect that results from the process then activates the molecules, enhancing the final reaction.

With shorter reaction times, less thermal degradation, better reaction selectivity and the absence of chemical solvents, Sinerga’s emulsifiers are significantly more eco-friendly.

With differing sensorial profiles that each have different ‘personalities’, together these emulsifiers meet the burgeoning needs of the cosmetic market.

Using Sinerga’s emulsifiers in your formulation

If you’d like to use Sinerga’s emulsifiers in your formulations, or if you need more information about Sinerga’s products, please do reach out – we’d be happy to share advice and send samples.

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