From the kitchen to the car, Chemlink’s new multifunctional spray polish puts an end to smears on hard surfaces.

We are proud to introduce you to our very own PP9 spray polish.

Chef polishing steel bench in a professional kitchen

The story

In 2011, Chemlink were asked to develop a detailing spray polish for cars. This new product needed to:

  • Detail the whole car
  • Leave no smears
  • Provide a high shine hydrophobic water beading surface
  • Offer a paint protecting film

The surface film and the high shine proved to be pretty quick for our team to develop, but early formulations smeared on glass, so were rejected.

It was the ninth formulation that proved to be the winning combination, ‘Paint Protector – 9’, fulfilling all of the attributes needed. It was fondly shortened to Paint Pro 9 or PP9 in the Chemlink Lab, and the name has stuck. PP9 is both economical and multifunctional, and we’re proud to share the broad range of applications we’ve discovered below.


The formulation

The PP9 formulation is a blend of silanes that crosslink, or cure, on hard surfaces. This crosslinked film has a high sheen, is water repellent, antistatic and semi permanent. In fact, under test it has been shown to still be present on the hard surface two years after applying it!

PP9 is a low viscosity stable emulsion, making it very easy to apply by pump spray. It can then be spread using a micropore cloth and quickly buffed to a high shine with a second one.


Key attributes

  • Surface protecting film
  • High shine finish
  • Anti-smear
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-static
  • Long lasting
  • Easy application
  • Stain resistant



Cars and caravans

PP9 is hugely effective at detailing cars, as was the original brief. It’s quick and easy to cover the whole of the exterior of the car – PP9 can be used on paintwork, bumpers, headlamps, windscreen, side, door and tailgate windows as well as on the tyres and wheels.

Further to this, hard surfaces inside the car can also be polished. Plastic or polished wood dashboards, steering wheels, screens and leather seats are all transformed, protected from spills and moisture.

PP9 also finds use on caravans, especially when overwintering, as it helps to stop moss and moisture building up – again, you can cover the whole of the exterior as well as hard surfaces inside the caravan.

Around the home

We were so excited at the development of PP9 that we took it home and tried it out for ourselves. We then found just how effective it is across a whole range of household items – pretty much any hard surface can be treated with this gentle formulation.

We now recommend it for:

  • Bathrooms: wall tiles, mirrors, shower screens, wash basins, lavatory seats and bowls, urinals
  • Kitchen: stone worktops, cooker hoods, hobs, melamine
  • Household: polished wooden furniture, tables, mirrors, windows, glass screens, windowsills, UPC windows and doors

shiny, smudge- and smear-free bathroom

Applying PP9 to any of these items results in a great no-smear shine, and an anti-static water repellent finish. Those of us with children have been thanking PP9 almost daily when the inevitable spills happen on tables and surfaces – they just wipe right up. It also makes cleaning bathrooms so much faster, as the protective film in PP9 does not allow dirt and grime to stick to the hard surface it coats.

Corporate uses

From shiny, clean restaurant kitchens to pristine hotel bathrooms. From clear, smear-free mirrors and windows at the hair salon to sleek, polished private hire vehicles. PP9 is an economical solution for hard surfaces prone to smears and spills. It’s ready to be used organisation-wide.

Chef polishing steel bench in a professional kitchen

Find out more about Paint Pro 9

PP9’s many key attributes make it a valuable product to include in a wide variety of formulations and applications. Talk to our technical team about formulating with PP9 today.

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