Developed by two Finnish universities, Reconnecting NatureTM from Uute Scientific Oy is a pioneering, world-first product that connects beauty and immunity together. Its patented technology aims to address the lack of microbial diversity that is seen more prominently now than ever by reintroducing beneficial and hugely diverse microbes back into our lives.

It’s scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system and recreate a more natural balance which is associated with various benefits such as improved skin health and resilience. For more general information about this cutting edge product, please visit our blog.

Reconnecting NatureTM has recently undergone testing and we’re excited to share the results with you…

Reconnecting NatureTM in-vitro experiment with Labskin

In-vitro tests using an inactivated Reconnecting NatureTM biodiversity extract in lotion was found to create a significant immunological response.

Experiment targets

The targets of the experiment was to examine what effect the product has on skin microbiome, skin epidermis proteins and skin cytokine expression.

A positive result would be considered as:

  • Neutral or probiotic effect on growth of skin normal microbiome
  • Neutral or inhibitory effect on growth of pathogenic bacteria
  • Neutral or positive effect of skin proteins, then skin barrier is not harmed
  • Skin cytokine levels stay the same or decrease, which means no inflammation or decreased state of inflammation.

Experiment model

The experiment model was in 8 stages:

  1. Cultivation of stratified epidermis from human fibroblasts and keratinocytes
  2. Cultivation of three normal skin microbes epidermis, C. striatum and C. acnes (“3mix inoculum for balance test”) and pathogenic S.aureus (“defence inoculum”)
  3. Colonisation of each Labskin unit with “3mix balance inoculum” (3h)
  4. Labskin units used for control were left untreated (24h)
  5. The remaining Labskin units were treated with vehicle (=base cream) or test items that constitutes of vehicle + Reconnecting NatureTM in different concentrations: 0.5%, 1%, 5% and 10% (24h)
  6. Sampling for balance test: biopsy to analyse microbes, one unit fixed for histology and maintenance medium collection for cytokine analysis
  7. Colonisation of Labskin units with “defence inoculum” (24h)
  8. Sampling (like in number 6) for defence test


Safe for skin microbiome

Balance test result:

  • Reconnecting NatureTM extract at low concentrations (0.5%, 1%) has neutral effect on growth of epidermis and C. acnes, and probiotic effect on growth of C. striatum

Defence test result:

  • Reconnecting NatureTM extract at low concentrations (0.5%, 1%) didn’t have significant effect on growth of epidermis, C. striatum and C. acnes
  • Reconnecting NatureTM extract in high concentration reduces number of pathogenic aureus

Safe for skin epidermis; histology results

Reconnecting Nature™ extract did not have a negative effect on expression of important skin barrier proteins Loriclin, Claudin, Filaggrin and Ki67.

Delamination effect seen in pictures is due to abrasive action of the test item and this is the limitation of the Labskin model and does not occur on human skin.

Immunological results

  • Cytokines are molecules that regulate immune responses
  • They are secreted by many type of cells including cells found in epidermis and dermis
  • In the Labskin study nine cytokines, which are linked to inflammatory responses, were measured. Apart from IL-10, these cytokines are categorised as pro-inflammatory (=promote inflammation)
  • A positive result would be that these cytokine levels go down
  • Special attention is on rounded ones
  • In following diagrams, * sign indicates p-value. The lower p value, the greater significance:
    * < 0.05,** < 0.01, *** < 0.001


Immunological results
Balance (without S. aureus)


Immunological results
Defence (with S. aureus)


From the test results, the following can be concluded:

  • The recommended range of use for Reconnecting Nature™ extract is 0.5%–4%
  • Reconnecting Nature™ extract at recommend concentrations helps in restoring natural microbiome diversity
  • High levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, especially TNFα, IL-4, IL-13 and IFN-g, has been linked to impaired function of skin barrier.(1,2,3,4,5,6,7). Decreasing levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines supports the skin barrier function
  • The barrier function of the skin begins to fail, and a reduced rate of epidermal barrier repair is observed after age 55. Aging skin has a chronic low-grade inflammation.(8). TNFα inhibits collagen formation and enhances collagen degradation.(9). Reducing amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines, like TNFα, helps to maintain skin barrier and collagen production in aging skin
  • A decrease in IFN-g leads to an increase in cell proliferation which means faster skin regeneration and repair.(1, 10)

Instant effect:

  • UV-radiation induced sunburn reactions culminate from inflammatory events like production of TNFα and IL-1b.(11). Lowering levels of these pro-inflammatory cytokines may reduce redness and irritation caused by sunburn

The next step is to replicate the main findings in vivo tests.

Formulating with Reconnecting NatureTM

These in-vitro results show the exciting potential that formulating with Reconnecting NatureTM can offer. If you’d like to find out more, simple fill out the contact form below and our technical experts will be in touch.

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