Carrubba, our principal, have provided some insights into the latest aroma trends for personal care and cosmetics which will be driving the market in 2024. Here’s a summary of the specific trends and scents that are expected to be popular.

The dominant scent theme in cosmetic trends at the moment is ‘wellness’, combining mindfulness and self-care, and cosmetic scents contributing to physical and emotional wellbeing. For many consumers, ‘indulgence’ is now less about monetary value; it’s about investing in ‘wellness’ as a luxury. 

Propelled by the ‘new age’ resurgence in rituals and practices from around the world, the self-care space is taking a more proactive approach to wellbeing, as opposed to a reactive one. Cleansing, therapeutics and meditation are key to the scent profiles providing the foundation for wellness in personal care fragrances. 

Cleansing Teas

Golden Tea Fragrance

Golden tea is a combination of the amazing aromas of Turmeric, Spiced milk and a hint of honey. This fabulous scent begins with top notes of coconut milk, ginger and citrus nectar, followed by middle notes of soft floral lilies; all sitting on base notes of musk, warm milk, and vanilla.

Matcha Green Tea Fragrance

A freshness sensation with a trace of a fruity aquatic note, twisted with a blend of a delicious mix of spices and sweetness. The mood is lifted up with a refreshing impression of Matcha Green Tea and Muguet, set into the backdrop of Boise de Rose floral tones and grounded by a wooded blend of addicting Ambergris musk.

Ginseng Lemon Zinger Fragrance

The essence of flowing energy itself! The bright Lemon and the resinous undertone of bergamot imparts a lively aroma. The citrusy ginseng and the cleanliness of Neroli is sharp but soothed by the vetiver and cedar. Making you a warm, lively essence for a high energy day.


Shore Things Fragrance

Reminiscent of an ocean cliff. The Breeze of ozone with a blend of tropical notes brings this fragrance to life. The Jasmine gives it a truly sensual touch as the coconut escapes with its breezy, sugary aroma. The rich alluring vanilla and soft touch of musk will make a well-balanced addiction.

Rain Water Fragrance

A must-have sensation on a warm, rainy day. Balanced with notes of ozone leaving an impression of mouth-watering scents of tropical fruit and fresh greens. The breeze of some fresh Muguet combined with the fusion of jasmine’s sweet embrace and wildness gives it a universal charm. The rich Ambrette and sweet floral Tonka brings forth a harmonious tranquillity, calming the mood down.

Oceanside Fragrance

Sweeping you away to the coast with crisp aromatic winds of clean, floral notes floating into fresh, powdery aromas and the sophisticated blend of Gardenia and violet. Trailing off with an addicting aura of ambergris and a kiss of tonka. The romantic side of Oceans.


Cooling Cucumber & Aloe Fragrance

Drench your skin with this fresh, crisp cucumber fragrance balanced with soothing Aloe creates a cooling scent of fruity and watery sensations, sweetened with a thoughtful touch of melon.

Calming Lavender Chamomile Fragrance

A truly calming scent made up of a peacefully perfect balance of  calming herbal Chamomile with the Soothing floral blend of fresh lavender and rose making up a super aromatherapy fragrance to close the book on a stressful moment.

Down to Earth Fragrance

Feel grounded with this soft and spicy blend of earthy tones, having peppery notes balancing the woodiness of Sandalwood rounded with musks of sweet tobacco and Amber.

To request samples of any of these scents, please contact the Harke UK team, who are also available to assist you in your formulation queries.

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