Last week we attended the Granulation Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, which showcased the latest in agglomeration, granulation and particle technology. And we’re now looking forward to the follow-up three day Granulation Course hosted in Sheffield next week.

The Diamond Building in Sheffield

Sheffield Granulation Course – 8th-10th July

This hands-on course is designed for those who work in industrial granulation or are a PhD students, and will give you practical experience as well as an overview of the current state and future challenges within granulation. 

Shilpa Mistry, our Head Of Pharma for UK and Ireland will be in attendance to share with you all a few select products and techniques. Joining Shilpa will be two granulation experts from Chemfield Cellulose and Mitsubishi Chemicals.


1. Introduction Prof. Agba Salman, University of Sheffield
2. Material Science for Powders Prof. Gerhard Niederreiter , Nestlé Research
3. Continuous Wet Granulation Dr. Ranjit Dhenge, GSK
4. Fluidised Bed Drying Process Prof. Agba Salman, University of Sheffield
5. Continuous Lean and QRM Dr. Dave Doughty, Hallidex
6. Mixing and Blending of Solid Materials Prof. Jim Litster, University of Sheffield
7. Milling and Tableting : Principles and Mechanisms Mr. Nigel Somerville Roberts, NSR Innovation
8. Measuring, Analysing and Modelling Particle Size Prof. Gavin Reynolds, AstraZeneca
Practical sessions
1. Twin Screw Granulation Dr. Ranjit Dhenge, GSK
2. Roller Compaction Mr. Manfred Felder, Alexanderwerk
3. Extrusion: Spheronisation Dr. Csaba Sinka, University of Leicester
4. Batch Granulation Mr. Nigel Somerville Roberts, NSR Innovation & Mr. Thomas Lansdorf, EIRICH GmbH & Co KG
5. Tabletting Dr. Vikram Chouk, Addivant Global Technology
6. Finished Product Characterisation Dr. Riyadh Al-Asady , University of Sheffield
7. Continuous Tabletting Line CTL-ConsiGma25 Dr. Chalak Omar, University of Sheffield


Our Granulation Products

We’ll be bringing along two products to demonstrate; Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) from Chemfield Cellulose and Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) from Mitsubishi Chemicals. 

Microcrystalline Cellulose, also known as MCC for short, is derived from pharmaceutical grade wood pulp and is used as a filler and dry binder excipient for tablet formulations among other applications.

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a pharmaceutical excipient used in applications such as; wet granulation, binding, film coating, thickening and emulsification.

These products will be used in the following practical sessions; Roller Compaction, High Shear Granulation, and Twin Screw Granulation.


Attend The Granulation Workshop

The three day course costs £400 per person and there’s still time to get your ticket, click here to find out more.


If You Can’t Attend

We understand that busy schedules can make it a challenge, if you can’t make it this year but would still appreciate some assistance with your granulation challenges, book an on-site visit with Shimpa Mistry. Click here to email her and arrange a consultation.

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