Use Fewer Chemicals by Utilising Additives Properly

A recent study on the effect of chemical cleaning sprays on our lungs has highlighted an unusual bias to lung damage in women. The research concludes that many cleaning sprays aren’t necessary and water and a microfibre cloth are adequate for most purposes.Read more: Use Fewer Chemicals by Utilising Additives Properly

But the report fails to highlight a third option, to include smart ingredients in your household products, fixtures and furnishings. We’ll talk more about that later in this article.

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Additives for Outdoor PVC Fabric

We’re all trying to cut back on synthetics these days, and we’re making great progress. However there are some products that really require a synthetic material to be used because the alternatives are not suitable. In these cases, we can still make vast improvements by adding smart chemical additives which will increase the products lifespan dramatically, here’s how…

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What Bed & Mattress manufacturers Need To Know About BPR

We recently attended the January Furniture Show at the NEC in Birmingham. As we weren’t exhibiting that day, we decided we would spend our time speaking with bed and mattress manufacturers about the BPR, along with our new free guide to BPR for Beds & Mattresses.

The BPR came into force in September 2013. Here we are more than 5 years later and manufacturers still don’t know about BPR. Yet it is the manufacturers who will be found responsible if they’re not BPR compliant.

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Why Manufacturers Might Want To Change Their Mattress Labels

Did you know that if you’re selling a bed or mattress which has been treated to make it hypoallergenic, antibacterial or antimicrobial in any way, you must also update your marketing information, including your labels and tags?

This fact is little acknowledged in the bed and mattress industry, but is related to an EU regulation, which will remain active post Brexit. The regulation is called BPR, and we’ve written a summary guide to the BPR for Beds and Mattresses which you may download for free.

But in this blog, we want to talk about one important aspect of the BPR which is being sorely neglected by almost all UK bed and mattress manufacturers, labelling.

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Hospital Sink Traps – The Superbug Hazard You Didn’t Know About

A hospital in Israel has traced outbreaks of antibiotic resistant pathogens in it’s ICU to an unlikely place; the sink traps.

Thanks to the over-use of many antibiotics, we’ve seen a sharp rise in these antibiotic-resistant superbugs, meaning hospitals are less safe for patients than they should be on the whole. The risk of hospital related infection is high, even with current measures in place, as any outbreak in a hospital environment is likely to affect those who are already unwell or at risk.

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Grassroot Clubs and Artificial Turf

With the recent news that the iconic Wembley stadium potentially could be sold to Shahid Khan, an American football mougel, the FA has announced that a significant amount of any profits made from the sale of the infamous grounds will go straight back into grassroots sports, particularly football clubs. 

If this deal pulls through, grassroots clubs could find themselves with a significant amount of investment from the FA to help improve their own pitches and equipment, as they are often financially supported by charities and have little to no real funding or financial support. 

With this potential pot of money, clubs would be able to consider investing in the actual grassroots they play on. In this blog we explore the expensive issues faced by sports clubs using real grass and the potential benefits they may find from making the switch to artificial grass.

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Antimicrobials In The Food Industry

Last month we attended The UK Food Shows in Birmingham. It’s always a great show and we enjoy meeting up with exhibitors to have a chat about the industry in general, and in particular, the packaging side of the industry.

This year’s show was no exception, with a larger space allocated for FoodEx than ever before. FoodEx is the section of the show which focuses on manufacturing, supply chain and packaging, so that’s where we allocated most of our time.

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The Importance Of Additives For Food Packaging

Food packaging is a hot topic in the UK at the moment, with the spotlight firmly pointed towards our over-use of disposable products. In particular plastic bottles.

In the UK we are estimated to go through 36 million plastic bottles A DAY! And of these, 15 million are not recycled. So the Government are looking at ways to tackle this and reduce our reliance on plastic bottles and to encourage recycling of plastics in general.

In an ideal world, we would replace disposable containers with long-life reusable containers, and this is where it gets really exciting for those who understand how additives can help.

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