Antimicrobials In The Food Industry

Last month we attended The UK Food Shows in Birmingham. It’s always a great show and we enjoy meeting up with exhibitors to have a chat about the industry in general, and in particular, the packaging side of the industry.

This year’s show was no exception, with a larger space allocated for FoodEx than ever before. FoodEx is the section of the show which focuses on manufacturing, supply chain and packaging, so that’s where we allocated most of our time.

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The Importance Of Additives For Food Packaging

Food packaging is a hot topic in the UK at the moment, with the spotlight firmly pointed towards our over-use of disposable products. In particular plastic bottles.

In the UK we are estimated to go through 36 million plastic bottles A DAY! And of these, 15 million are not recycled. So the Government are looking at ways to tackle this and reduce our reliance on plastic bottles and to encourage recycling of plastics in general.

In an ideal world, we would replace disposable containers with long-life reusable containers, and this is where it gets really exciting for those who understand how additives can help.

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