Vitech’s Q-range of degreasers

Vitech’s Q-range is an excellent assortment of powerful and highly effective degreasers, specially developed to target key areas in the HI&I industry. 

In this post we’ll cover Vitech’s five different degreasers available, discussing their benefits, applications and performance to give you an insight into each product’s capabilities and to help you decide on the most appropriate degreaser for your specific formulation. 

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Hospital Sink Traps – The Superbug Hazard You Didn’t Know About

A hospital in Israel has traced outbreaks of antibiotic resistant pathogens in it’s ICU to an unlikely place; the sink traps.

Thanks to the over-use of many antibiotics, we’ve seen a sharp rise in these antibiotic-resistant superbugs, meaning hospitals are less safe for patients than they should be on the whole. The risk of hospital related infection is high, even with current measures in place, as any outbreak in a hospital environment is likely to affect those who are already unwell or at risk.

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Antimicrobials In The Food Industry

Last month we attended The UK Food Shows in Birmingham. It’s always a great show and we enjoy meeting up with exhibitors to have a chat about the industry in general, and in particular, the packaging side of the industry.

This year’s show was no exception, with a larger space allocated for FoodEx than ever before. FoodEx is the section of the show which focuses on manufacturing, supply chain and packaging, so that’s where we allocated most of our time.

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Plastic Packaging Tax

A £200 per tonne plastic tax will come into effect from the 1st April 2022 in the UK, what does it mean for our industry and how can we minimise the impact of this tax?Continue reading