Most products on the market today cannot properly cure split ends – that’s where Polycare® Split Therapy comes in. Easy to formulate into shampoos and serums alike, it offers measurable results after just one application in both rinse-off and leave-on formulations. 

The Challenge

Hair damage can occur in any number of ways; shampooing too frequently, using harsh products, exposing hair to excessive heat, and chemically altering hair. Damaged hair then leads to split ends, through mechanical stresses during grooming procedures. 

Solutions that cure split ends are currently very limited, because of:

  • Limited repair and sealing efficiency
  • Lack of resistance to washing, combing and heat
  • Difficulty formulating within shampoos
  • Unpleasant textures such as stickiness or oiliness 

As a result, most products on the market today focus on prevention or care, highlighting things like heat protection and conditioning, as they are not able to properly cure split ends. Consumers fork out money for hairdresser appointments to get rid of split ends, rather than being able to repair them at home. 


The Solution

Polycare® Split Therapy has been specifically developed by Solvay to overcome existing limitations and offer a new, effective treatment for split ends. 

  • Natural-based, using a guar derivative
  • Easy-to-process
  • Heals at least 80-90% split ends after one serum use
  • No sensory drawbacks even after repeated use
  • Resists combing and washing
  • Non-ecotoxic
  • Can be used across end-products categories
  • Exhibits secondary benefits (e.g. co-deposition of finely dispersed ingredients)

Take a look at the difference to these split ends after just one Polycare® Split Therapy serum application, as evidenced by optical microscopy:

split ends polycareSplit ends are fully sealed. The repair was also consumer-perceivable, with hair ends appearing thicker, looking healthier and feeling smoother. The serum itself is residue free, unlike existing products on the market that can leave a white powder. It’s also non-oily on application, again unlike many existing products.

Polycare® Split Therapy is also durable, offering superior resistance to washing, combing and heat:

Washing 97% of the initial repair from one serum application was retained following 3 neutral shampoos

Heat93% of the initial repair from one serum application was retained following the use of straightening irons (passing through the hair twice at 180°C)

Combing77% of the initial repair from one serum application was retained following 20 combings 


The Science

Polycare® Split Therapy works as a liquid serum by developing specific interactions with split surface chemistry. It gets adsorbed while capillarity brings the parts of the splits back together. As it dries, it spreads and forms a thin film on the hair surface, bridging across parts of the split and locking it into a closed state. 

This is why it leaves no residue; it does not retract while drying, unlike other simplified serums that break apart and leave a flaky residue. It stays invisible and homogeneous, covering the entirety of the hair surface.


The Application

For normal hair with split ends, it is recommended that a shampoo with up to 0.5% Polycare® Split Therapy is used alongside a serum with 0.5% Polycare® Split Therapy. 

For damaged hair with split ends, it is recommended that a conditioner with more than 0.5% Polycare® Split Therapy is also used as part of the regular routine. 


Find Out More

We can provide example formulations, including a Split-End Mending Mango Butter Serum and a Split-End Mending Silicone-Free Serum. Get in touch with the Chemlink Specialities team for the full product sheet, example formulations, and if you have any other questions about Polycare® Split Therapy. 

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