Anti-ageing products have long dominated the beauty and cosmetic industry, but in today’s market more and more consumers are looking for ‘pro-ageing’ or ‘soft-ageing’ products that allow them to age with grace and celebrate the skin they’re in through products that care for and nourish their skin to restore its healthy and natural complexion.

Sinerga’s DOLCÉVIA® is a great pro-ageing ingredient that reduces facial muscle contractions caused by daily stress, therefore reducing wrinkles and fine lines to leave a smoother, even and fresh complexion.


Natural Sources

DOLCÉVIA® is a pure active ingredient that has a 100% natural origin and is extracted from fine Stevia rebaudiana dry leaves. No chemicals are used in the total process, except food grade alcohol.


Key Benefits

DOLCÉVIA® counteracts the effects that daily stress can have on the skin by soothing and reducing micro-muscular involuntary contractions. It has a rapid de-stressing action, leaving skin feeling noticeably smoother, softer, pampered and re-generated in just 7 days.

In vivo results show that DOLCÉVIA® can reduce wrinkle depth by 17% and skin roughness and wrinkle height by 14% in just 7 days, and roughly twice as much in 14 days:

Clinical results also show a comparison of two volunteers on day 0, 7 and 14.

During an efficacy evaluation, 75% of volunteers noticed a positive effect on all skin parameters after using DOLCÉVIA®:

Application Areas

DOLCÉVIA® can be used in anti-stress creams and lotions, mature skin formations and face muscles relaxing treatments, such as:

  • Face & neck creams/serums
  • Skin concealers/conditioners
  • Make-up bases, primers
  • Eye & lip contours
  • BB and CC creams
  • Hand creams
  • Face masks


Mechanism Of Action

DOLCÉVIA® works by enhancing Acetylcholinesterase activity – the enzyme that deactivates Acetylcholine after the nervous signal to restore muscle basal conditions. The Acetylcholine contracting action is reduced, even in the presence of stress, leaving skin remaining smoother and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown and worry lines, and nasolabial folds.  The clinical assessment diagram below shows that a 7-day treatment of DOLCÉVIA® is able to improve overall skin appearance:

The graph below shows an in vitro evaluation of the increase of Acetylcholinesterase enzymatic activity in the presence of DOLCÉVIA®.

Technical Details

  • INCI name: Stevioside
  • Usage dosage of 0.3–0.5%
  • Comes in a white powder form
  • Complies to ECO standards for non-organic raw materials
  • Suitable for green formations
  • Preservative free


Chat to one of our technical team members about formulating with DOLCÉVIA® by filling in the form below. Samples are available too – contact us to find out more.

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