The Directors and Staff of Chemlink Specialities are sad to announce the recent death of Jenny Smith, a dear friend and former colleague.

Before joining Chemlink, Jenny had spent many years in the Chemical Industry starting work at ICI and then moving to Cargo Fleet Chemicals / Ellis & Everard where she became Technical Manager for many years.

She had also served as Chair of the BACS Speciality Surfactants Group for several years.

We were delighted when she joined Chemlink, initially in a sales role, but then as technical liaison before eventually becoming our Regulatory Affairs Manager where she brought her experience and expertise to bear particularly when dealing with customers and suppliers especially solving the mysteries of REACH, BPR and the like for over 17 years.

Jenny will be dearly missed by us all as a very knowledgeable, hard-working, funny and often outspoken lady – who always brought biscuits and the like to our Sales Meetings!

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