One of the great issues in the anti dandruff world (and pretty much every aspect of our lives these days) is that of keeping costs down and keeping quality high. Jaguar’s Anti Dandruff Booster is just the ticket to cutting formulation costs, while maintaining a healthy scalp for consumers.

The Scalp Care Trend

Scalp health awareness is on the rise, and skin care specialists have been busy developing and discussing the best formulations to maintain the vitality of the skin on our heads. One widely understood indicator of poor scalp health is the all too familiar dandruff. Anti dandruff products remain a key part of consumers’ baskets, but what can they do to actually help the health of the skin and not merely evade dry, flaky outbreaks?

The scalp hosts a plethora of microorganisms otherwise known as the scalp microbiome, with its very own pH, sebum concentration, bacteria, and other such microbes. An understanding of the scalp microbiome is fundamental when developing products to keep our scalps, and hair, feeling its very best.


Zinc Pyrithione in Anti Dandruff Formulations 

Zinc Pyrithione is a known toxic anti dandruff agent and has been deemed as unfit for market due to its classification by the European Commission Regulation as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction. It had been in circulation for over 60 years, but, as of March 2022, ZnPT has been banned in EU cosmetics.

There is, therefore, a need for a replacement leader in the anti dandruff market, which is non-toxic and low-cost. Piroctone Olamine (PO) is a very effective agent for preventing dandruff while being suitable for a sensitive scalp, but it does come at a high cost.

ZnPT costs just a fraction (below 10%) of that of PO per kg, but requires 4x the active concentration. The trick, then, is to minimise its the concentration of PO while maximising efficacy in order to transition into producing feasible anti dandruff agents free of the toxic ZnPT ingredient.

Solvay’s Jaguar® as a Booster

Solvay’s Jaguar® shampoo range uses natural ingredients derived from guar, a polysaccharide extracted from the seeds of guar beans, grown by Southern Asian farmers for centuries. Combining a series of native, cationic and hydroxypropyl-modified natural guar polymers, the Jaguar® range offers a full range of hair care solutions, from conditioning to texturising and everything in between.

Some of the key benefits to be found are:

  • Increased deposition to hair
  • Controlled delivery of water-insoluble substances
  • High conditioning effect, even at low usage levels
  • Superior wet/dry detangling and combing capability
  • Soft hold with improved shine, management and smoothness

Additionally, a variety of Jaguar®’s products have been shown to greatly boost the anti dandruff agent, PO, when used in combination to reduce costs while maintaining quality.

Here you can see just how little is needed to increase the efficacy of PO using Solvay’s booster to levels way past commercial efficacy. Consequently, it is noted that the majority of anti dandruff shampoos are at only 0.5% concentration, altering the widespread misconception that a whole 1% is necessary to be effective.

Cost cutting in shampoo formulation 

It is no surprise that the current global market has forced many to think much more carefully about the cost of living than ever before. The anti dandruff cosmetics manufacturers are reducing costs by finding alternatives too expensive ingredients, synergising elements with others, eliminating unnecessary ingredients, and optimising formulae.


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