We have another exciting new principal that we’re proud to share with you – New Zealand based Organic Bioactives.

Organic Bioactives is working hard to become a world innovator in organic, marine and land bioactive cosmetic ingredients that are not only great for consumers, but better for the planet too. Its ingredients, which include Kawakawa, Mamaku and Rimu, are sourced from New Zealand and the company’s responsible harvesting practice is based on the traditions of Aotearoa’s indigenous people.

‘Clean beauty’

Organic Bioactives uses a ‘clean beauty’, chemical-free approach when it comes to extracting ingredients. Its TPT XTRACTION™ technology has the ability to extract unrivalled levels of bioactive compounds that are odourless, bioavailable and in a semi-liquid gel. This unique technology not only simplifies and optimises formulation, but it also elevates the cosmetic product’s performance, efficacy and sensory profile.

TPT XTRACTION™ works in three steps:

  1. Cold water extraction
  2. Ultrasonic assisted extraction
  3. Signature filtration

OceanDerMX™ range

Organic Bioactives’s OceanDerMX™ is a 4-in-1 blend of multi-tasking biopolymers that provide outstanding anti-aging, moisture binding, antioxidant and pollution-protecting properties. You can find out more about its mechanism of action and formulating tips via the overview below.

Within the OceanDerMX™ range, Organic Bioactives has four ingredient blends: Lift & Firm, Restore & Protect, Balance & Brighten, and Calm & Soothe, all designed for various types of formulations. Each blend has impressive certifications, which you’ll see listed on the infographics below.

Lift & Firm

Combining Mamaku and Red seaweed, Lift & Firm has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 15 minutes! The blend is proven to plump, hydrate and revitalise skin, protecting it against water loss.

Restore & Protect

Restore & Protect helps to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and delivers natural, bioavailable antioxidants. It is also proven to promote age-defying actives and helps to retain moisture.

Balance & Brighten

This unique blend quickly and efficiently brightens the skin and is proven to reduce blemishes and hyperpigmentation is just 7 days! It retains moisture and effectively provides long-lasting hydration.

Calm & Soothe

Perfect for acne-prone or unbalanced skin types, Calm & Soothe offers fast cooling and soothing properties that can be seen in just 15 minutes. This unique blend helps restore the skin’s balance, whilst also reducing blemishes and redness.

Formulating with the OceanDerMX™ range

If you’re interested in learning more about the OceanDerMX™ range, simply fill out our contact form below. A member of our experienced technical team will then be in touch to advise you further.

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