Clariant’s Plantasens® Biogum Tara (INCI: Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum) is a natural rheology modifier that’s directly obtained from the Tara Spinosa plant, providing a natural thickener and texturizer that can be used for personal care applications.

plantasens biogum tara

We’ve discussed the key benefits of Plantasens® Biogum Tara before, but in this blog we’re focusing on its renewable carbon index (RCI) and what that means for formulators and consumers.

High RCI Promotes Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming a key determining factor for consumers when it comes to choosing personal care products. They’re becoming more aware of their environmental impact and are therefore making informed choices about the products they use on their skin – favouring those that are sustainable, ‘green’ and better for the planet. Using high RCI ingredients helps formulators to react to these consumer demands, reduce their carbon footprint and make their products greener and more sustainable.

Plantasens® Biogum Tara has an RCI of 100% and complies with all major eco-labels. It’s natural, sourced directly from the Tara Spinosa plant through mechanical processing, and is readily biodegradable.

Outperforming other natural rheology modifiers

Plantasens® Biogum Tara minimises the drawbacks of switching from formulating with synthetic to natural rheology modifiers as it outperforms popular natural alternatives in terms of viscosity, stringiness and texture. It has higher viscosity with less dosage, provides a smoother and more pleasant texture, and has a non-stringy appearance during pick-up, making it an effective thickener for aqueous formations, such as lotions, creams and rinse-off products.

You can see a visual comparison of Plantasens® Biogum Tara and other ingredients via the YouTube videos below:

If you’d like more information about formulating with Plantasens® Biogum Tara or you’d like to request a sample, contact us via the form below and a member of our technical team will be in touch.

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