What Bed & Mattress manufacturers Need To Know About BPR

We recently attended the January Furniture Show at the NEC in Birmingham. As we weren’t exhibiting that day, we decided we would spend our time speaking with bed and mattress manufacturers about the BPR, along with our new free guide to BPR for Beds & Mattresses.

The BPR came into force in September 2013. Here we are more than 5 years later and manufacturers still don’t know about BPR. Yet it is the manufacturers who will be found responsible if they’re not BPR compliant.

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Why Manufacturers Might Want To Change Their Mattress Labels

Did you know that if you’re selling a bed or mattress which has been treated to make it hypoallergenic, antibacterial or antimicrobial in any way, you must also update your marketing information, including your labels and tags?

This fact is little acknowledged in the bed and mattress industry, but is related to an EU regulation, which will remain active post Brexit. The regulation is called BPR, and we’ve written a summary guide to the BPR for Beds and Mattresses which you may download for free.

But in this blog, we want to talk about one important aspect of the BPR which is being sorely neglected by almost all UK bed and mattress manufacturers, labelling.

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Plastic Packaging Tax

A £200 per tonne plastic tax will come into effect from the 1st April 2022 in the UK, what does it mean for our industry and how can we minimise the impact of this tax?Continue reading

Uniblue UDF2 – The Disinfectant Of The Future

Understandably, the world’s increased consumption of disinfectant is crucial at this time in order to safeguard us from COVID-19. Products with antimicrobial efficacy have never been more important, especially if they are proven to be effective against coronaviruses like COV-SARS- 2, but there is – of course – an environmental secondary cost to consider. We’d like to introduce you to our revolutionary solution to a global problem, Uniblue UDF2.

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What Is Methylisothiazolinone?

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) is a commonly used synthetic biocide and preservative and is found in personal care and industrial applications. It is a known allergen and this has resulted in the usage levels being reduced in Industrial applications and many cosmetic producers moving away from it in their products.

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