Over the course of this pandemic, consumer behaviours have markedly changed. Though this is entirely unsurprising on account of forced closures and lockdowns across the globe, adjusting to new patterns in the market can be troublesome for formulators. Gone are the days of testers, samples, and physical contact in the retail industry. Due to the social distancing that is now in place across all shopping avenues, these changes cannot be ignored.

Though much of the change to consumer behaviours will be temporary, with time, we may move away from certain shopping habits altogether. With paranoia still rife and some old shopping practices quickly becoming defunct, it’s entirely possible that the personal care, cosmetics, and marketing industries will need to shift their gaze to alternative sales models and formulations to cater to the changing market.

The price gouging and mad rush for hand sanitiser at the start of the pandemic is something that remains poignant. Though much of the fear-mongering and stress surrounding these products has been alleviated, the way the public view hand hygiene has altered permanently. Whilst some may choose to ignore the importance of hand hygiene on the go, most people will be looking for gentle cleansing solutions to utilise daily.

With a new level of hygiene set to be standard for the foreseeable future, it would be wise for marketers and formulators to consider the fact that beauty and health have now become synonymous.

The Rise of Self Care

It’s undeniable that self-care has been on the rise during the pandemic. With internal health at the fore, marketers and formulators are beginning to see the importance of both health and beauty when pitching their products. For many months, our hands have been getting unprecedented attention, with sanitising, cleansing, moisturising, and replenishing all becoming vital to maintaining skin health.

However, most products currently on the market are alcohol-based hand gels. Though these products work effectively to sanitise the hands, other formats are set to become increasingly popular. With foam, gel cream, spray and wipe products coming onto the market, it’s becoming more important than ever before to select formulations that both prioritise health and support the beauty industry.

New formats for hand sanitisers

Hand Sanitising- More Than Just Soap & Water

With new sanitiser options hitting the market, Clariant have put together the below formulations to demonstrate what is possible using their ingredients.

Clear Hand Sanitizer: The Aristoflex® Series

The Aristoflex® Series work exceedingly well as a humectant to provide  a caring feel to the formulation of its sanitiser. Countering the dryness that ethanol can often cause, it’s a versatile formulation that is pre-neutralised to save you time.

Clariant ingredients include:Aristoflex® AVC: Versatile rheology modifiers that provide exceptional rheology properties to high hydro-alcoholic sanitiser formulations.


Foaming Leave-on Hand Sanitizer

A leave-on hand sanitiser in a foam format, this product does not drip and is extremely easy to apply to the hands. As it is alcohol free, it has a moisturising after-feel and is perfect for dry and damaged skin that may not tolerate traditional formulations. A welcome change from the traditional hand sanitiser, it is both visually appealing and practical in usage. We can also offer foaming ingredients for alcohol based sanitisers which are silicone based or fluorine based (We could leave this off if this is just a Clariant based blog?)

Clariant ingredients include:Nipaguard® BZC: A water-soluble, fast-acting antimicrobial agent that works at low dosages.

Glucotain® Clear & Sense: Mild sugar-based surfactants that create high foam levels and act as a solubilizer for fragrances. This ingredient is responsible for the soft, moisturised after-feel in this product.

Silver Shield Hand Rub

An alcohol-based, opaque hand sanitiser gel cream that uses silver as an antimicrobial agent, the Silver Shield Hand Rub is almost like a silver bullet for hand germs and a welcome addition to the hand rub spectrum.

Clariant ingredients include:JM ActiCare™: A Dispersed silver-based antimicrobial agent that has a long-lasting antimicrobial effect.

Aristoflex® Velvet: A polymer that increases the viscosity of the product and stabilises oil into a cream gel.


Instant Protect Sanitizer Spray

An ideal solution for on-the-go germ protection, the Instant Protect Sanitizer Spray is not only useful for hand hygiene but can be used to disinfect cosmetics. With potent antibacterial properties and a skin-soothing formula that is perfect for sensitive skin, the Instant Protect Sanitizer Spray is a welcome addition to the hand hygiene line-up.

Clariant ingredients include:Nipaguard® BZC: A water-soluble cationic antimicrobial agent that is suitable for clear formulations.

Nipahex G: An ingredient recognised as a potent antibacterial agent with a long tradition of use.

Allantoin Premium: A skin-soothing agent that is excellent for sensitive skin.


Contact us to enquire about Clariant ingredients for your next formulation

If you would like to receive more information regarding any of the Clariant ingredients mentioned in this article, then simply contact us. As the world alters its hygiene habits, formulators and marketers may wish to discuss their formulations for 2020-2021, so should you be looking for assistance, please do reach out.

If you are curious about the damaging effects of alcohol-based hand sanitisers on the skin and wish to formulate your products for price-conscious shoppers, please refer to the full presentation on beauty and health in a post-COVID world.

Though navigating a changing world can pose challenges to formulators, Chemlink Specialities aims to make the transition into a post-COVID world as seamless as possible. With knowledge of consumer behaviours comes increased power, so do not hesitate to adapt and overcome in order to create a product that is truly future-proof.

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