The current global situation has put numerous industries in a position of uncertainty and change, and when this change occurs, it’s always an excellent idea to assess consumer patterns. Hairdressers and beauty salons have been closed for a long time, and it can be difficult to predict whether consumer habits will remain the same or shift entirely when trying to formulate appealing products.

Though many consumers will be clamouring for haircare, it’s almost certain that hair salons will be oversubscribed, face capacity restrictions, or see falling sales on account of perceived risk.

Therefore, as with many things, it is best to adapt, overcome and set in place a new normal that puts the consumer first. By formulating contact-free solutions that cater to common haircare needs, both customers and marketers can thrive under uncertain conditions, invigorating a market that holds brand trust and adaptability at its core.


Why are split ends a problem?

Split ends are generally a problem as they cause hair to break. If a consumer’s goal is to grow long and luxurious hair, split ends will likely render this impossible. As split ends have nowhere to go but up, breakage will begin to occur further up the hair shaft leaving dull and lifeless hair that requires trimming.

Lifeless and unmanageable hair is not something that a consumer aims for, and people often find that chemical, mechanical and thermal treatments wreak havoc on previously healthy hair. Frequent shampooing, chemical treatments and excessive exposure to heat (blow dryers, flat irons and curling tongs are the typical culprits behind heat damage) are the primary causes behind unsightly split-ends, and long-term damage is often just around the corner for consumers that don’t tackle the issue in a timely manner.

Most consumers choose to tackle split ends with a hairdresser before the issue gets out of hand. However, in these uncertain times that are sure to alter market conditions and consumer behaviour, many will either ignore the issue at hand or choose an at-home treatment method that may solve the problem without human intervention. Whilst some will grab a pair of scissors and attempt to hack away at the underlying issue, this quite often creates a cycle of damage that is then only rectifiable by a professional.


How do you solve split ends without regular visits to the hairdresser?

There are certainly ways to manage split ends without regular visits to the hairdresser. Not only can regular visits to the hairdresser become an unnecessary additional expense to many, but some may fall behind on appointments due to scheduling conflicts and unexpected commitments that arise day to day. The obvious solutions are to reduce heat usage, use a wide-toothed comb to handle the hair and limit damaging chemical treatments for as long as possible.


What Is Polycare® Split Therapy?

Though the suggestions above are useful, many would attest that avoiding damaging activity is not always possible. In addition to this, trimming split ends or visiting a hairdresser are simply not practical options in the current climate.

However, thanks to Polycare® Split Therapy, trimming split ends could soon become a thing of the past. Containing the bio-sourced novel ingredient Guar, formulators can create a split-end repair routine that will directly benefit the consumer. Boasting a durable repair system that sees more than 90% of split ends repaired from the first use, it’s an undeniably effective split-end treatment that resists combing, washing and heat exposure.

Developed by Solvay’s Home and Personal Care teams, the efficiency of Polycare® Split Therapy is second-to-none. With extensive testing showing smoother, thicker, and stronger hair after one application, consumers will immediately reap the benefits.

When tested against commercial serums there was a 90-95% degree of repair with Polycare® Split Therapy Solvay serum as opposed to a 60-73% degree of repair for comparable commercial serums. Additionally, when tested on Caucasian hair, Polycare® Split Therapy left no residue and displayed a superior repair rate when compared with regular split-end remedies from commercial brands.

As heat exposure is a common haircare issue, we felt it important to touch upon the degree of repair retention following the use of a hair iron. With the application of a hair iron running at 180°C, there was a 93% retention rate when using Polycare® Split Therapy, which is an undeniably excellent outcome.


How does Polycare® Split Therapy work?

As Polycare® Split Therapy develops specific interactions with split surface chemistry upon liquid serum application, the product is able to remain on the hair fibers, spreading around them to form a thin film that bridges across the split-end and locks it in a closed state. Utilizing technology that goes above and beyond traditional methods, the film-forming properties of PST® create an excellent sensorial profile that ensures unparalleled repair performance. With no build-up, renewable ingredients and fit for use across shampoos, conditioners, and serums, it is ideal for haircare formulators looking to create contact-free solutions. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that Solvay was the recipient of Henkel’s “Best Innovation Contributor Beauty Care” award.

Images showing how Polycare Split Therapy works to repair split ends

With consumers constantly on the look-out for less damaging, natural alternatives to their current haircare products, Solvay’s versatile and widely compatible product is an incredible solution that aims to create one less issue for manufacturers that wish to navigate this newly tumultuous world.

Polycare® Split Therapy product PDF here.


How Chemlink Specialities can help you

Offering solutions for the brand, manufacturer, and formulator, Chemlink’s proven excellence in technical service aims to lighten the load under both regular market conditions and the current climate.

Applying our expertise to the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, household, and institutional cleaning industries, our chemists will take your specification wish-list on board and recommend the perfect formulation for your needs.

If you’re looking to formulate a product that will appeal to the consumer in a world where previous haircare options are inaccessible or operate at a reduced capacity, Polycare® Split Therapy is the solution that you’ve been searching for. Contact us on the form below to book a phone or virtual meeting, or to request a product sample and further information.


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