Our principal, Uute Scientific Oy, has been nominated for a Rising Star Award at In Cosmetics Global this year.

Born from the teams working across two Finish universities, Uute Scientific Oy are a very new company in the cosmetics market. They’re also offering a very new, cutting edge product… They call it ‘Reconnecting NatureTM’.


What Is ‘Reconnecting NatureTM’?

‘Reconnecting NatureTM’ offers microbe extracts ready for use as an ingredient in a variety of applications: cosmetics, textiles, medical devices, or nutraceuticals. Of these application areas, cosmetic is the most well-established. The aim of this ingredient is to introduce beneficial microbes back into our lives through a variety of routes.

It is no surprise that microbial biodiversity is in decline, especially in modern cities. And having less exposure to microbes is a known source of immune-mediated disease.

Since moving everyone back to the country to live on the farm isn’t practical or possible, Uute Scientific Oy have been perfecting an alternative – bring the microbes to the masses!

This microbe extract is a standardized microbial community from sustainably sourced soil and plant-based materials. It contains billions of microbial particles and every batch is homogenous and safe to use as an active ingredient for face and body care. Suitable for all ages and all skin types – even sensitive skin.


The inactivated microbes in ‘Reconnecting Nature’ enhance and soothe the skin’s protective barrier, and restore the balance of the skin’s microbiome.


Key Features of ‘Reconnecting Nature’

  • INCI – Humus Extract
  • CosIng (EU) registered
  • Active ingredient for face and body care products
  • Suitable for oil and water/oil emulsions
  • For all skin types, also sensitive skin
  • Powder size <125 μm
  • Light brownish colour
  • Delicate earthy scent
  • Organic and vegan
  • COSMOS Organic approved by one of our customers

The ingredient’s microbiodiversity greatly outperforms dairy probiotic products, too. This microbe extract is a standardized microbial community of a soil and plant-based material. The core idea is to mimic the rich biodiversity found in forests and bring that to customers in a safe and easy-to-use form. And studies have shown that use of this ingredient can increase both skin and gut alpha diversity.

Reconnecting NatureTM is the ONLY wellness ingredient that offers thousands of diverse microbes for serious wellness urbanities in the whole world!


The Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award celebrates new exhibitors (first or second year), the exhibitor must show range of offering, innovation, commodity and how solutions-orientated the product range is. There is a prestigious panel of judges:

  • Dr Barbara Brockway, Scientific Advisor, Personal Care industry and Trustee, Fellow & Hon. Member, and Past President of the Society Of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS)
  • Dr Andrea Mitarotonda, PhD CChem FRSC, Independent Consultant in Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Luis Allo, Director External Innovation, Johnson & Johnson
  • Muriel Pujos, Innovation Ingredients Director, Innovation & Technologies Department, R&D Monaco, COTY

We wish the team at Uute Scientific Oy the best of luck with the award!

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