Carbomers impart a silky feel to topical pharmaceutical formulations, but they do require neutralisation to do so. Chemlink are pleased to introduce a high-efficacy alternative to carbomers which require no neutrilisation, simply add to water!

Consistent Performance

Manufactured under GMP conditions, Motusflex® polymers make ideal rheology modifiers for topical pharmaceutical applications. Motusflex® shows great batch-to-batch consistency with a defined impurity profile allowing for consistent product performance and characteristics.

Key Benefits

Based on AMPS, the Motusflex® polymers range offers high performance thickening and exceptional sensory characteristics, giving a superior skin feel without leaving a sticky residue.

  • Pre-neutralised and ready to use
  • Stable in a broad pH range
  • High temperature resistance
  • Instant swelling of the dry polymer particles: no brine necessary
  • Crosslinked; good for particle/oil stabilisation
  • Cold-processable; ideal for temperature sensitive APIs
  • Simply add at oil or water phase

A Grade For Every Purpose

While all grades offer efficient thickening, ease of use and are pre-neutralised to reduce the number of ingredients necessary in your formulation, there are three defined grades; each suitable for a different purpose. Motusflex® MF is multi-functional with great salt tolerance, Motusflex® HV offers significant viscosity at lower concentrations, and Motusflex® LV is perfect for low viscosity formulations.

If you’d like further information about including Motusflex in your topical pharmaceutical formulations, or if you’d like to request a sample, please contact Shilpa Mistry via this contact form.

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