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Sinerga, a pioneering force in the cosmetic industry, excels in providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Renowned for their exceptional actives, plant-origin emulsifiers, and versatile functional ingredients, Sinerga embodies a commitment to green practices. Their mild surfactants with vegetable origins and microbial inhibitors showcase dedication to gentle yet effective formulations.

With a core philosophy centred on sustainability, Sinerga stands out as a reliable partner for those seeking high-quality, environmentally conscious solutions in the realm of cosmetic and personal care products.

Latest News About Sinerga

Sinerga Emulsifiers

Struggling to identify what emulsion would be the best fit for your formulation needs? Sinerga offers an excellent range of emulsifiers, each with its own sensory profile and personality. In
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Skinification for Scalp Care

‘Skinification’ isn’t just the latest fad; it’s a hugely popular movement that’s here to stay! This exciting approach to hair care values the importance of looking after your scalp, in
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Formulate for Superior Skin Barrier with Tri-Solve®

A skin barrier recovery ingredient from Sinerga, Tri-Solve® uses a combination of an intracellular lipid component (ceramides) and a sugary humectant agent (trehalose) which makes it ideal for restoring the
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