Octopirox®: The Leading Anti-dandruff Agent

Used successfully for over 40 years, Clariant’s Octopirox® is now one of the leading and most effective anti-dandruff active ingredients available on the market. It is an ingredient that’s generally considered non-irritating and non-allergenic and has been specifically designed to combat all causes of dandruff and dry scalp.

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Skinification for Scalp Care

‘Skinification’ isn’t just the latest fad; it’s a hugely popular movement that’s here to stay! This exciting approach to hair care values the importance of looking after your scalp, in the same way you do for your skin using similar skin care ingredients. More and more consumers and formulators are acknowledging that the scalp plays a vital factor in overall hair health – because when your scalp is looking its best, your hair is too!Continue reading

Silicone-Free Hair Repair

Silicones have been a popular, commonly used ingredient in hair care products since the 1970s. But today their popularity is beginning to wane – in part due to consumers’ demands for more silicone-free products, along with a worldwide silicone shortage – leaving both formulators and consumers searching for silicone alternatives.Continue reading