Sinerga Emulsifiers

Struggling to identify what emulsion would be the best fit for your formulation needs? Sinerga offers an excellent range of emulsifiers, each with its own sensory profile and personality. In this blog we feature 6 emulsifiers to inspire your next formulation. 

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Skinification for Scalp Care

‘Skinification’ isn’t just the latest fad; it’s a hugely popular movement that’s here to stay! This exciting approach to hair care values the importance of looking after your scalp, in the same way you do for your skin using similar skin care ingredients. More and more consumers and formulators are acknowledging that the scalp plays a vital factor in overall hair health – because when your scalp is looking its best, your hair is too!Continue reading

Eye Care In A Pandemic: Dolcevia & Eyedren

With many people now needing to wear face masks all day long while at work or out and about, it’s no surprise that eyes have become more important than ever as a means of expressing ourselves. So personal care brands are now embracing new and effective eye care formulations that will help soothe tired eyes and boost confidence.

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Give Peas A Chance!

As the sheer number of uses for pea protein comes to light, Sinerga are harnessing the power of peas into cosmetic formulations that act as sustainable alternatives to current market offerings. If you consider yourself a cynic when it comes to natural formulations, simply read ahead for all the reasons to give peas a chance!

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Green Emulsifiers from Sinerga

Since their inception, Sinerga have placed a great deal of importance on offering green ingredients that respect the skin and the environment in equal measures. Their range of emulsifiers are created sustainably and responsibly, putting the needs of both the formulator and the market front and centre.Continue reading